6 Essential Tips To Clean Your New House

6 Essential Tips To Clean Your New House

Moving to a new home is exciting! A new experience, a blank space to start fresh, and many possibilities are now available. But you have to start this journey somehow, and there's nothing better than a good cleaning session.

Sure, a new house should be in the best condition, but it is normal to find dust and grime here and there. There are no furniture or move-in boxes, so this is the perfect time to clean your new home thoroughly.

However, having a new space and thinking about how or where to begin the cleaning can be a little disorienting, so in this blog post, you will find a few valuable tips on how to clean your new house.

Taking care of your new home

Take advantage of the free space and follow these tips to start on a good note. You'll realize it is easier than it seems.

Tip #1. Clean top first, then bottom

It is no coincidence this is the first tip. Start cleaning from the top to ease your cleaning time, so the dust follows a natural downwards path. Otherwise, you'll waste time as the dust will cover the low areas you cleaned first.

Tip #2. Let the air flow

Your house could have a musty smell if closed or uninhabited for too long. So put some air fresheners and open doors and windows to get rid of the stale air. Even if the house doesn't have a foul odor, it will be better to have a good airflow when cleaning to avoid getting swamped by the dust.

Tip #3. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

Ceiling fans get particularly dusty. Besides, they are easy to forget during cleaning, so let's make them a priority!

An easy way to dust your ceiling fan is with a pillowcase: Open it and put it on the first paddle. Then, press down the pillowcase as you pull the dust off the blade. As for light fixtures, you can get a duster or a vacuum with a telescopic wand.

Tip #4. Clean large surfaces

You'll never have the unique opportunity to clean your house while empty. So take advantage of that and dust the walls and any pre-installed counters or furniture. That way, you'll have one thing less to worry about when you start to furnish your house.

Tip #5. Don't forget large appliances

If your new home comes with appliances, get them cleaned at this stage, as you may not have the same space and freedom to tackle this chore again. Preferably focus on AC units, dishwashers, trash compactors, refrigerators, kitchen stoves, and other large appliances.

Tip #6. Get the floors ready for your furnishings

Once you finish all the other chores and the dust has settled, you can proceed with the floors. Start by sweeping the dust with a broom and a dustpan or sucking it with a vacuum, making sure to reach every nook and cranny.

Give it the final touch by mopping the floor to leave it sparkling clean.

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