7 Ways To Reduce The Dust In Your Home

7 Ways To Reduce The Dust In Your Home

Getting a completely dust-free environment is an impossible task. However, reducing the dust in your home is something you absolutely can do. Besides, it will improve your well-being, especially if someone in your household suffers from dust allergies or respiratory conditions.

Check out these seven simple but effective ways to reduce the dust inside your home.

1. Start with the basics

As obvious as it may seem, one way of preventing dust from accumulating in your house is to dust, sweep, and mop.

A small but helpful tip to make this basic cleaning a little more efficient is to start from the top, literally:

  • Start by dusting the highest surfaces available: Wipe the top of your shelves or cabinets, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.
  • Work your way down: Once you finish cleaning the highest places, work on the spaces that are in the middle and keep going down from there.
  • Sweep your floors: Get rid of the dust that falls onto your floor.
  • Mop!: Mopping will help eliminate the dust left behind your sweeping.

2. Trust your vacuum

Most homeowners recommend vacuuming for a good reason. Likely, there is no better way to remove soil and dirt from your floors and carpets than a quality vacuum cleaner.

Using your vacuum frequently not only helps you with general home cleanliness and extends the life of your carpeting, but it can also help you improve the air quality. Of course, better air quality is good for your health, getting restful sleep, and preventing allergic reactions.

3. Stop the dust before it enters your home

The easiest way to prevent a dusty house is to stop dust from getting in.

For example, closing your windows and doors (especially on windy days) can make a big difference. You can also think about getting a welcome mat—preventing dust and improving your decor at the same time! Even embracing the tradition of leaving the shoes at the door is an option.

4. Let's declutter

Having a lot of things lying around means having more things accumulating dust. So why not invest some time in decluttering? Throw out or store a couple of items you no longer need or want. The fewer things scattered around, the more time you can save cleaning your home!

5. Clean your beddings and fabrics

Everyone has heard the horror story of the tiny arachnids known as dust mites, living in the dust particles floating around your house and in the dead skin cells you shed daily. Gross! Right?

However, most people don't realize that skin cells and dust mites form part of dust, mostly in our beds. Do you need another reason to change your bed linens regularly?

It also applies to other furniture covered in fabrics or things like curtains, on which dust also settles rather easily. Keep in mind to clean those regularly as well!

6. Take care of your pets (and their fur)

You should also know that people are not the only ones who shed skin; your pets do it too! Pet dander can float in the air for long periods and easily stick to the items you have around your house.

Maintain your pets healthy and clean by brushing their fur regularly. It's even better to do it outside to keep all that dust and fur from ending up on your floor or furniture.

7. Hire a home cleaning service

Taking care of your home and preventing dust from accumulating can be difficult and time-consuming. It may seem daunting to take on this task by yourself, but you don't have to worry; a cleaning services in Kirkwood that can help you keep up with your regular cleaning routine!

At Dash Maids, we'll ensure that your house is clean and as dust-free as possible. Get your instant quote!