How To Finally Make Your Kids Clean Their Room

How To Finally Make Your Kids Clean Their Room

It is entirely normal and expected that a child dreads cleaning their room. After all, you are replacing their playtime with a seemingly boring activity.

However, teaching your kids how to clean their room is a win-win situation. You'll be free from picking up their mess while they'll develop a set of abilities and traits that will help them have a better future life.

But how will you teach your kids to clean when they get upset just by hearing it? Granted, it sounds tricky, yet it is completely possible. It only sounds hard because the beginning is the most challenging part, but these tips will help you. Check them out!

Tip #1. Let them know beforehand

Suddenly telling your kids to clean is not the best idea, especially if they are playing a game or watching cartoons. By giving them a verbal warning like “Let's clean up in 15 minutes” or “…when your show ends”, you'll give your kids room to ease into it.

As time passes, you can set a schedule for cleaning sessions. You can even distribute the chores throughout the week or assign the different parts of their room to each day. To get your kid's attention, draw a weekly plan and stick it to the fridge for everyone to see.

Tip #2. Help them to start

As an adult, cleaning might be easy-peasy, but a kid still doesn't know how to do it the right way. Help your kids by modeling the chores you want them to do, and stick around to assist your children further until they finish.

Repeat the strategy in subsequent cleaning sessions, reducing the time you spend helping them as they improve their cleaning skills.

Tip #3. Make cleaning a game

Kids may not love cleaning, but they sure love games. By making cleaning fun, your kids will associate it with positive thoughts. Cleaning then will be more bearable for them—even enjoyable!

Add the fun factor to cleaning by telling your kids to pick up certain items in a set amount of time (playing a song they like during this challenge is a great idea). Also, you can hide treats in the mess for them to find—your creativity is the limit!

Tip #4. Give them incentives

A reward could be the perfect way to wrap up a cleaning session. Praising your kids for finishing their cleaning chores lets them know their efforts are valuable and meaningful.

You can reward them with things they love, like more TV time, going out to the park, or buying them a new toy. Constantly acknowledging your children's work will motivate them. As their motivation grows, your kids will be less opposed to cleaning.

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