Kitchen Cleaning - How To Clean Stainless Steel And Make It Shine


Stainless steel’s glossy finish looks great but gets easily smeared by fingerprints and smudges. Although there are dozens of ways to clean stainless steel appliances, here you’ll find three of the most effective ones. Keep reading!

Method #1. Vinegar and baby oil

It’s not surprising that vinegar made it into this list, as its acidic properties make it perfect for removing stains on almost any surface. Follow these steps:

Once you finish wiping, your appliance will look like new. So what’s with the baby oil? If you want to give your steel surfaces a shiny look:

Method #2. Baking soda

Some people don’t like oil in its stainless steel surfaces as they think it attracts dirt and dust more easily. So, an alternative like baking soda comes great as it will clean your appliances while making them shine. Just keep in mind that this method takes longer to carry out.

Note:You won’t need to buff your stainless steel surface. The mild abrasiveness of the baking soda will clean and polish your appliance.

Method #3. Clean water

Now, you may think, what’s the point of vinegar and baking soda methods if water is a simpler option? Well, water only helps you with small, non-greasy smudges. Anything more than that, and you will need to bring out the big weapons.

To apply water to your stainless steel appliances, do the following:

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